Alzoo Natural repellent for dogs 3 EZ-On applicators

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  • Repels Fleas, Ticks, Dust-Mites, and Mosquitoes
  • Natural base active repellent
  • Environment friendly
  • 3 month protection
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Snap the cap off the tip of the EZ-ON tube and lift or spread the hair between the shoulder blades until you can see the skin. Place the EZ-ON tip on the skin area and apply. Use once a month for continuous protection.

Dosage: Measure from collar at neck along back to base of tail.

  • Large breed (over 30 in.): 2 tubes per application.
  • Medium size dogs (about 18-30 in.): 1 tube per application.
  • Small size dogs (less than 18 in.): about a half a tube per application.


Active Ingredients
Geranoil 0.93%, Peppermint Oil 0.1%

Inert Ingredients
Almond Oil 98.97%


Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from heat and store at room temperature. Avoid contact with eyes and clothing. Wash hands immediately with soap and warm water after dispensing. Do not uses on puppies under 4 months. Not testing on lactating animals. Do not reuse empty container. Contains essential oils which in rare cases may cause an allergic reaction. If an adverse reaction occurs, bathe your pet with shampoo, rinsing with large amounts of water. Contact your veterinarian if adverse symptoms continue.

The collar contains geraniol which may produce an allergic reaction. If you suspect your pet may be allergic to these essential oils or natural products, follow these usage instructions:

  • Remove the collar from its package and allow it to remain outside for one hour, away from your pet.
  • On the first day, use the collar on your pet outside and for one hour only, then remove.
  • Each day following, increase the hours your pet wears the collar by one hour daily.
  • Continue for about four days to ensure the collar is well tolerated by your pet.
  • If there is no allergic reaction, your pet may continue to wear the collar.

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